Marc is a professional fashion photographer, originally from Southport he moved to Manchester in 2016. This is where he started pursuing his passion into a career. 

18 years ago Marc started his passion using film and producing his images in dark rooms, having a vision for the natural beauty of landscape and wildlife, however his true creativity came through the art of fashion. Marcs unique images are based around light forms, through his love of lighting which stems from his 14 year Electrical Engineering background.

He spent a lot of his engineering profession surrounded by lighting. From design engineering to installing & programming. This has become his advantage as he uses his huge knowledge of lighting in his shoots which makes his vision very unique, having a creative eye of seeing things others would miss. 

Marc has become renowned for his creative projects which he organises and puts together. They are unique to his creative mind from his engineering years.

Marc specialises in & provides high quality photography and offers a range of services in.

- Editorial -

- Commercial -

- Campaigns -

- Still Life -

- Portrait -

- Beauty -

- Travel -

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