Marc Huro is a UK photographer working across many genres to explore and document his vision.

In 2016 having spent 14 years in electrical engineering, Marc started pursuing his passion for photography in the fashion industry, having 20 years of knowledge as a hobby he has a wide knowledge of cameras and lighting. Along with 2 published books and numerous magazine publications and features on Vogue Italia, Marc has produced some significant works over the last 7 years.

Marc has expanded his vision into new territories, working for immersive VR companies he has traveled too many locations  across the world filming 360 video for interactive learning and simulation environments. Whilst on locations he has had the opportunity to document the different cultures. Whilst in his down time overseas he planned fashion shoots giving him a unique taste for photographing fashion in different environments using natural light forms.

Marc now has his own home studio which he has built, utilising this space for fashion and product work has become more efficient.

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